Brand Represenative /Realation Managers

The software is used in hotels and restaurants for respondent management.

Experience : 3+year

Salary : 30k to 32k

Job Time : 10 to 7

Location : S.G Highway, Ahemdabad

Job Role Description :

  • Cold calling restaurants
  • Setting appointments
  • Visiting and Meeting the restaurant owners
  • Scheduling dates for the shoot
  • Documenting the shoot details
  • Coordinating with the VideoGrapher
  • Visiting the partners while the shoot
  • Building up a good relation with the partners
  • Collecting the raw files from the VideoGrapher
  • Collecting required details from the restaurant owners
  • Tracking the complete process of the preparation of the dishes
  • Updating the sheet maintaining the shoot calender and status
  • Reminding the restaurant owner a day before the shoot
  • Reminding the VideoGrapher a day before the shoot
  • Tracking the VideoGrapher whether he took all the required photographs and videos
  • Quality check while collecting the raw files as well as the finished files
  • Kiosk installation and demonstrating it to the partner
  • Fitting the respective tablet in the Kiosk
  • Sticking all the branding collaterals at the partner outlets

Email :

Contact:  9879024822

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Closeup of mixed hands stacked together

Closeup of mixed hands stacked together