T-SQL Developer

Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

  • Full-time

Brewing Since

  • 5 years to 2 year

Job Description

  • Taking different types of backup
  • Managing different kinds of role rights in SQL server for different database users
  • Proficient in T-SQL
  • Good at recovering the database from transactional logs
  • Proficient in writing SQL queries
  • Making new tables doing bulk data insertion in SQL server
  • Monitor and remove any inconsistency in database if occurred
  • Knowledge of different types of transaction locks and isolation levels

Added Advantage

  • Clustering and mirroring of database
  • Proficient in running SQL profiler and analyzing the execution plan
  • Good @ performance tuning.
  • Knowledge of SQL server licensing
  • SQL Azure, Big Data Support For SQL server
  • Passion for data
  • Attitude for analysis

20 thousand max (more  for exceptional candidates)

If interested, Kindly mail your resume immediately at cv.8vap@gmail.com & can call us on 9879024822 (Sneha Soni)


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